Project cultivation

Plant your creative content ideas into a fertile collaboration and watch them grow, mature and ripen for sharing.

Working interdependently, we’ll turn that content project into reality, powered by our shared focus and momentum. You bring your idea—nebulous, partial or fully formed—and we’ll build a creative container to hold and nurture it to its full potential. 

Books, articles, brochures and content marketing; editorial-style thought pieces; a content series for online, social media, live talks, podcasts or presentations are just some of the formats we can bring to life together. 

Expand your offering and magnify your impact
with the help of experienced hands, a custom process and insightful creative input. 

  • Your project has been simmering in the background and needs some attention.

  • You have an idea but are not sure of how to make it happen.

  • You want to become a unique voice or authority in your field.

  • You’re looking to create or deepen connections with your audience.

  • You’d like a professional creative eye on something you’ve been thinking about.

  • Your ideal project launch date allows for concept development, reviews and refining.


Concept development
Planning & timeline mapping
Content production
Drafts & revisions
Image recommendations
Image sourcing support
Layout collaboration
Sub-editing (soft/hard copy)

This is for you if ...

Project Analysis & Concept document.
Project Timeline (if applicable).
Drafts and revisions.
Regular progress updates.
Layout reviews.
Evaluation and reflection.

Typical deliverables:

Together, we will

  • Get that important project off the ground.
  • Define the vision for activation and refinement.
  • Sow your project within thoughtful perspectives that appeal to both head and heart.
  • Stake your project’s success with the insight of editorial expertise.
  • Give your project the opportunity to blossom in a structured process and timeline.
  • Work in collaboration to maintain momentum and accountability.
  • Expand your audience’s understanding of your business and brand.

Think of it like a communications fairy godmother waving a magic wand over your vision. Together we will:

  • Expand, reshape and refine your vision in an open and collaborative spirit.
  • Explore the purpose and practicalities of your project.
  • Examine the relationship between your special project and your traditional output.
  • Define project parameters to guide the process.
  • Maintain connection to the purpose and process through checkpoints and reviews.
  • Birth your project & celebrate its introduction into the world. 

Matthew Woodward, Principal Architect, Matthew Woodward Architecture

"The project helped to expand and develop our business by creating a platform for people to gain an insight into the process of our bespoke architecture. Our clients and community see the monographs we created as a fantastic account of project documentation and photographs which capture the evolution of architecture. 

Nicky is fabulous to work with. She is investigative, thorough and responsive. Her copy accurately reflects the story of a project, from both clients’ and architect’s perspectives, beautifully surmounted on the context of a place."

Anton Assad, Director, Great Dane 

"Nicky took the time to understand what Great Dane was looking to achieve from bringing [furniture designer] Kai Kristiansen out to Australia — which was to celebrate the launch of a range of cabinets that Kai had designed over 50 years ago.

Nicky mad Kai feel at ease and the conversations between them were engaging for the audience and came across—as with all the work Nicky has done for us—with humility and integrity. The audience was moved by the conversations, and they provided real inspiration for the clients and for the GD team as to why and how GD is so unique in the way we work.

Sam Shepherd, Founder & Managing Director, Bell Ringer 

"Nicky helped me out by turning a poorly written piece into a great thought leadership article for my website journal page and a LinkedIn post.

This became an effective marketing tool, helping position me as an insightful voice in my field, and gaining traction on LinkedIn with comments and shares by industry leaders."

Emma Pocock, co-author,  In Our Nature 

"Nicky's contribution to our book project took it from a nice idea with scattered pieces of content to something cohesive and professional. Over the last few years we've encountered so many people who have had wonderful reflection on In Our Nature [the book we collaborated on] – from the way it was put together to the knitting together of essays, images and poetry into one narrative with many parts.

We loved working with Nicky. Her sensitivity to the content, her patience with us as we juggled competing demands, and her intuition and experience on what to push and what to leave, made her an invaluable collaborator."

Client reflections