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Experienced insights

Tyneal Alexander, Director & Founder, Ritual Consulting

"I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Nicky on a number of occasions, across strategic brand work and copywriting for a range of clients and industries (including my own brand).

Nicky’s magic lies in her ability to discover the heart and soul of your brand and to bring this to life through the careful curation of words. Her ability to articulate a brand’s essence and use language to facilitate a deep connection between the brand and its desired audience is a true gift. Her work is meaningful, profound and moving and will leave you wanting more."

Matthew Woodward, Principal Architect, Matthew Woodward Architecture

"The project helped to expand and develop our business by creating a platform for people to gain an insight into the process of our bespoke architecture. Our clients and community see the monographs we created as a fantastic account of project documentation and photographs which capture the evolution of architecture. 

Nicky is fabulous to work with. She is investigative, thorough and responsive. Her copy accurately reflects the story of a project, from both clients’ and architect’s perspectives, beautifully surmounted on the context of a place."

James Hudson, Director, Blackbird Byron Bay

"Nicky took the time to really understand our business, market and audience, to demonstrate how we could best position and showcase ourselves. She also devised a distinct Tone of Voice for our brand, which was probably the most important thing we gained from the work. We gained a lot of clarity around language and our strongest selling points. We were also able to feed the work into our existing communications, which deepened relationships with our clients and stakeholders. Nicky’s skills have helped direct very important (although sometimes overlooked) nuances around how the business is presented and heard."

Alice Mulleeney, Head of Marketing & Communications, HIP V.HYPE

‘It is always a pleasure to work with Nicky. Her editorial lens, human approach and genuine commitment to unpacking an idea is testament to the quality of her content.

An interview with Nicky feels more like a conversation, enabling her to delve deeply into topics and draw connection points between broader themes to extract richer, more interesting reflections.’

Lee Valentine, Head of Strategy & Growth, Firefly Future

"For our Firefly Future website, Nicky crafted exceptional copy that had an intangible value beyond the brief. When we read the work she developed, it sounded immediately like Firefly.

She captured our voice in a way that encapsulated everything we were trying to be and articulate. Her ability to identify and express the heart of our ideas and our organisation helped us see—and communicate—ourselves more clearly. "

James Schramm, Co-Director, Mat & Kin

"We found having structured content to revisit and implement [in the Brand Strategy] was a really important thing we gained from the process. Throughout, Nicky guided us with well-crafted questions, which helped to refine the vision and added to a more illuminated brand narrative in the end."

Tammy Miconi, Principal Designer & Founder, Lot 1 Design

"The collaboration with Nicky made life easier because she took the time to understand our business and our projects, which allowed her to put together content that was true to us – in a way we couldn’t do ourselves. After having completed a great project, we felt it was really important to collaborate with a writer that understood our dedication and shared our excitement. Nicky was that person. She assisted us with writing a submission for the Australian Interior Design Awards, which we’ve been shortlisted for. We understand that the writing component of these submissions is really important and believe Nicky’s approach helped our project achieve this outcome." 

Anton Assad, Director, Great Dane 

"Nicky took the time to understand what Great Dane was looking to achieve from bringing [furniture designer] Kai Kristiansen out to Australia — which was to celebrate the launch of a range of cabinets that Kai had designed over 50 years ago.

Nicky made Kai feel at ease and the conversations between them were engaging for the audience and came across—as with all the work Nicky has done for us—with humility and integrity. The audience was moved by the conversations, and they provided real inspiration for the clients and for the GD team as to why and how GD is so unique in the way we work."

Sam Shepherd, Founder & Managing Director, Bell Ringer 

"Nicky helped me out by turning a poorly written piece into a great thought leadership article for my website journal page and a LinkedIn post.

This became an effective marketing tool, helping position me as an insightful voice in my field, and gaining traction on LinkedIn with comments and shares by industry leaders."

Emma Pocock, co-author,  In Our Nature 

"Nicky's contribution to our book project took it from a nice idea with scattered pieces of content to something cohesive and professional. Over the last few years we've encountered so many people who have had wonderful reflection on In Our Nature [the book we collaborated on] – from the way it was put together to the knitting together of essays, images and poetry into one narrative with many parts.

We loved working with Nicky. Her sensitivity to the content, her patience with us as we juggled competing demands, and her intuition and experience on what to push and what to leave, made her an invaluable collaborator."

Liam Wallis, Founder, HIP V. HYPE 

"I first met Nicky at event a while ago now where she interviewed [Australian architect] Peter Stutchbury. She led the conversation to a special place.

Her style enabled her to explore purpose and reason, not simply outcome. This approach drew memorable responses from one of Australia’s true architects. She has only continued to perfect her craft."

Jeremy Davis, Founder, Nectar Landscapes

"I recently started a landscape design & construction business, and as I quickly learnt, I also needed a website. Nicky helped get my website through its final iterations, and suggested the right edits which really made a huge difference.

It can be difficult to speak about and advertise your own work, and that's why it was so valuable having Nicky's input on both the visual layout and the text within my website. She helped me portray what I was trying to, but didn't quite have the visual language for."

Client reflections