Brand cultivation

Take a big step back and a deep breath in as we
survey and define your place in the world

We'll start with a survey of your communications needs and create a map to take us there. Together, we’ll walk through a structured process, analysing and then synthesising the parts of your business to create the foundations for impactful & intuitive expression. 

Whether you're looking for a full-service immersion and brand communications guide, or to develop a custom Tone of Voice, the focus is on cultivating the tools that will make your life easier – and your brand communication sing.

See and understand your business more clearly, so that you can communicate with more authenticity, ease and potency.

  • You’re ready to embark on a collaborative process that will reflect, challenge and invigorate you.

  • You’re looking for new perspectives and insights on your communications.

  • You want to understand your business offering and position better.

  • You need help developing an authentic brand voice.

  • You’d like to be able to produce content yourself, or work with a 3rd party contractor.

This is for you if ...


Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Story/Manifesto
Brand Architecture
Internal Brand Strategy
Tone of Voice
Messaging Pillars
Content Pillars
Content Planning

Brand immersion questionnaire and 1:1 follow up interview.

Researched Brand Strategy document.

Brand Communications Guide.

‘About’ copy for use on website and social media platforms. 

Succinct talking points for spoken conversations.

Tone of Voice matrix to guide your future communications.

3-month Communications check-up to assess outcomes.

Researched Brand Strategy.
Brand Communications Guide.
Tone of Voice matrix.
‘About’ copy for use on website and social media. 
Succinct talking points for spoken conversations.
3-month Communications Check-Up.

Typical deliverables:

Get ready to:

  • Articulate the purpose and power of your work.
  • Gain a comparative understanding of your position in the market.
  • Cultivate a deeper connection with your audience.
  • Define succinct Unique Selling Points to use as marketing soundbites across your website & social media, and in conversation.
  • Hone a compelling brand story to guide your ongoing internal and external communication.
  • Set and cultivate a powerful, consistent and authentic Tone of Voice.

Think of it like Communications Therapy.
Together we will:

  • Go deep into your Why.
  • Unearth and align with your underlying motivations and business objectives.
  • Elicit and magnify your purpose.
  • Siphon your passion and potency.
  • Access and distil your communications potential. 
  • Reflect you and your business in a way you’ve never felt before. 

James Hudson, Director, Blackbird Byron Bay

"Nicky took the time to really understand our business, market and audience, to demonstrate how we could best position and showcase ourselves. She also devised a distinct Tone of Voice for our brand, which was probably the most important thing we gained from the work. We gained a lot of clarity around language and our strongest selling points. We were also able to feed the work into our existing communications, which deepened relationships with our clients and stakeholders. Nicky’s skills have helped direct very important (although sometimes overlooked) nuances around how the business is presented and heard."

James Schramm, Co-Director, Mat & Kin

"We found having structured content to revisit and implement [in the Brand Strategy] was a really important thing we gained from the process. Throughout, Nicky guided us with well-crafted questions, which helped to refine the vision and added to a more illuminated brand narrative in the end."

Client reflections