My goal is to grow, learn, heal, and get deep into this thing called life through making mindful choices about how I spend my time and energy. This includes writing, yoga, making art, meditating and pursuing creative projects. It also includes laughing, daydreaming and mucking around. I take great pleasure in singing out loud, talking to myself, posing, playing dress ups, connecting with people and dancing (in private and public places including, but not limited to, dancefloors).

I aim to have as much fun as possible, always.

The values that are most important to me are:
Creativity, balance, openness, growth, compassion, truth, beauty and courage.

Fun facts:

  • People call me Nicky, Nick, Lobo, Lobes or Lobesie (and if I’m in trouble — Nicole)
  • Born in Lahore, Pakistan
  • Moved to Australia at 14 months with my parents
  • Last name means ‘wolf’ in Spanish
  • Can recite the first 20 elements in the Periodic Table
  • An Alto in the school choir
  • Started, but did not complete, interior design studies at Enmore Design Centre
  • Worked as an interior design assistant at Group GSA and PTW
  • Completed a Bachelor of Communications (Writing & Cultural Studies) at the University of Technology Sydney
  • Worked on 33 issues of the quarterly design, architecture and art magazine Habitus, 8 of them as Editor
  • Began living the freelance life in August 2016
  • Have two cats, a brother and sister called Frankly and Munch (Munchero)
  • Tore my ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) in June 2017 (thanks, and see ya later netball) and had reconstruction surgery in August 2017
  • Have dabbled in tap, flamenco, pole and hip hop dancing; also skateboarding, veganism, Italian and Spanish
  • Tuneful whistler (almost two-octave range with optimum mouth moistness)
  • 350-hour qualified vinyasa yoga teacher via Body Mind Life and InYoga
  • One half of The Good Outfit, a (soon-to-be) multi-channel vehicle for learning about, playing with and sharing ethical fashion

Amongst other things, I am:
A joker; lover (of life, people and myself); student; teacher; philosopher; deeply connected to my body, mind and emotions; peace-seeker; intuitive; dancer; writer; artist; muse; curator; sensitive and sensual; child, mother (to cats); dreamer; warrior; romantic; wounded; healing; drama queen; goddess; sinner.

What and who are you? What gets you going? Can we work on an awesome project together?

I hope so.